The objective of Infinijewel is to incorporate the ways and techniques of preparation for the challenges of the technology fueled 21st century. The sole mission is to increase interaction and transfer knowledge in the manner that innovative solutions sprout from the pit acceptance. Focusing on the Indian jewellery industry to start with,Infinijewel has conducted three Infinisummit events in the last three years, juxtaposing the various stakeholders and factors of the Indian jewelry on one great podium to discuss initiatives that revolutionize the industry.

First Infinisummit

The first Infinisummit held in late 2013 brought together major players from the wholesale sector of the Indian jewelry industry to exchange ways and means to improve the logistical efficiencies in the business.
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Second Infinisummit

The second Infinisummit held in early 2014 brought together select and major jewelry designers across India to offer knowledge about building up an entrepreneurial culture amongst them in order to birth new jewelry brands in the marketplace.
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Third Infinisummit

The third Infinisummit held in late 2015 brought together corporates and private entrepreneurs to discuss ideas with leading certification lobbies, academicians and coloured stone/ gemstone agencies to standardize classification of gemstones.
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All the three events have given enviable traction to INFINIJEWEL in ensuring adaptability and acceptance for its initiatives amongst the Industry factors and have showed the path to launch its products. Going further, INFINIJEWEL aims at organizing two Infinisummits every year to help evolve a consensus to taking rapid and prompt strides to modernize the Indian jewelry industry.

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