About Us


We endeavor to change the way people view jewelry business. Since decades, same old methods were used to make and distribute jewelries. We, at Infinijewel Synergies Pvt. Ltd. bring fresh new , tried and tested ideas to make the global business of jewelry meaningful with applicable technology and change the entire infrastructure of low-end global services.

What’s special about us!

Since we follow the latest technology to entry data and gather information, we process each and every information with the utmost precision. With our fresh new initiatives (UDAN GLOBAL, TVASTRAA, INFINIPEDIA and INFINISUMMIT) we are the pioneer in creating a new marketplace for jewelry.


Nurtured by a young and talented team within the industry and outside, InfiniJewel strives to promote modernity, excellence and efficiency within the infrastructure of all the big businesses and create a milestone through its work. Our vision is to juxtapose tradition with modernity. Technology empowers anyone who endeavors for great market value. It enhances the business, associating it with the global marketplace.


“It will be the constant Endeavour of Infinijewelsynergies Pvt. Ltd. To -

Modernize without compromising on tradition

Serve in an enabling manner

Synergize existing technology platforms

To create innovative solutions.

Our Values

Leadership is an attitude, not a position. So, we believe that, creating the leading innovative culture revolving around the jewelry market, will bring a new dawn in the industry. Our values are clear, as we strive to invent and deliver the cutting-edge technology to endorse the use of new ideas and hope for a better running of the industry.